Many parents who are dealing with the new diagnosis of OMS have expressed interest in seeing what happens to children after treatment. Here are some photographs and brief video clips to show the effect of different therapies. The ACTH and IVIG results were obtained using our high-dose protocols. We have had many treatment successes and wish to thank the families who allowed us to share these pictures with you. To protect privacy and confidentiality, all of the children we included in these photos are considerably older now. Not every child responds this well, so the need for early and sufficient treatment can't be over-emphasized. We believe the first goal of therapy is to achieve as full and as rapid a return to normal as possible.


This little girl had post-viral or idiopathic opsoclonus-myoclonus. The "before" picture on the left is while on oral steroids, which she did not respond to. The picture on the right was after treatment with our high-dose ACTH protocol. She has remained in remission off medications.



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ACTH alone Before and After Video 6MB
IVIG alone  
Combination therapy  

ACTH+IVIG+Imuran Steroids+IVIG+Cytoxan

Before and After Video 12MB
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