We encourage parents to reach out to the news media to make more people aware of OMS. Here are some examples of what can be done. We thank the Holcomb family for allowing us to post this TV news release. Please feel free to submit any type of media release to share with other families.


The Holcomb Family TV News Release

Meg's Story

Family battles insurance over treatment

Changed behavior - Cori Salamon

Caring for Mackenzie

SIU Pediatric Neurologist Treats Patients For Rare Disorder

Monster of the Mind; SIU Neurology Group Devoted to Relieving Symptoms of Children's Disease of the Brain

Brenden McCoy; Battling a rare neurological disorder

Jacqueline Tampia - In the Clouds

On a noble CHASE

Mother Follows Instincts

Albert Lea Girl Fights Rare Disease

Carter Berkley - Cool Rider


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